Where Next For Local food?

We hope this film illustrates a range of different local food initiatives that have the potential to link up and become larger networks – to ‘scale up’. We believe the challenge ahead is to create more resilience in our food systems and that local supply networks have an important role to play. In the words of Pam Warhurst ‘…what we’ve ignored up to press is the role that local food and local food businesses can play in that bigger picture.’

There are enormous food system challenges ahead that are occupying the minds of numerous organisations, institutions, businesses and governments. While the scale of the challenges is daunting, it is heartening to hear that we have been contributing and can continue to contribute to finding solutions at a local level.

The work of Professor Olivier De Schutter, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food from 2008-2014, has shed light on the importance of local food systems globally.

By 2050 more than 6 billion people – more than two in three – will live in cities. It is vital that these cities identify logistical challenges and pressure points in their food supply chains, and develop a variety of channels to procure their food, in line with the wishes, needs and ideas of their inhabitants. Emerging social innovations in all parts of the world show how urban consumers can be reconnected with local food producers, while at the same time reducing rural poverty and food insecurity. Such innovations must be supported.” ( - Olivier De Schutter)

It’s really good to know you are taking local food supply systems seriously. We need you to do that so that we don’t export so much of our food to you and can instead feed our own populations”. ( – Juli Cariappa, Organic Farmer, South India)