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If you would like to organise a screening or discussion group, take advantage of our great resources to help you get started.

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Resource Pack Includes:

Publicity Materials

  • Poster that can be customized with your event details
  • E-flyer/poster with more text, can also be customized
  • Black & white A5 flyer about the film, printable

Briefing Sheets

  • Planning a community screening
  • Ideas for discussion
  • How to run a local food conversation

About Film Discussions

The film offers you an opportunity to organise a discussion following the film to talk about food issues that concern you in your own area and highlight the local food activity already taking place.

Food related ill health costs the NHS £6 Billion per year
Farmers Markets are a way of building resilience in our communities

It is so important that we have these discussions all across the UK. Much has been achieved since 1990 but, as the commentators say, there’s so much more still to do! With greater awareness, together we can build more resilience in our communities.

What is happening in your area? How can you most effectively build on what’s already in place and start to scale up what is good, sustainable and that builds resilience in the food system?

You might be able to buy direct from farmers in your area

We hope the film will stimulate discussions about the bigger picture but also help with understanding where our particular contribution fits and the difference each one of us can make.


We’d love your feedback on the film. If you have 3 minutes  please click here to go to the survey.

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