The Film

This film is an inspirational immersion in local food culture, with stories that cover the urban, rural, large and small scales.  It brings together very skilfully the story so far of local food while also celebrating what has been achieved.

Rob Hopkins, Transition Network - Review of Local Food Roots Film

The last two decades have seen a significant shift in UK food culture, for all sorts of reasons. We wanted to explore and document the local food angle of this story and shine the light on some of the innovation and change that has taken place since 1990.

This story hasn’t yet been told and the more we thought about it, the more important it seems to be. Important, both as a celebration of what has been achieved by an extraordinarily committed group of people, and also as part of creating a more resilient future for our communities.

We hope this story will inspire more people to get involved and support the next phase of the local food movement’s evolution.

Topics Covered in the Film:

Through interviews and footage of initiatives in action, the film explores different angles on ‘local food’ to illustrate diversity, motivations, challenges and opportunities. It also explores the context in which the local food movement has emerged in the UK, as farmers and rural businesses faced first BSE and then the Foot and Mouth Disease crisis. Starting with the organic box schemes that took off in the early 1990s, the film looks at examples of farmers selling direct, local food distribution, community food growing and cooking, local food supply to the public sector, communities supporting local farmers and how local food culture fits in with the challenge of feeding cities.

Quotes from the film:

Pam Warhurst, Co-founder of Incredible Edible Todmorden

Good food saves the country a lot of money.  The local food movement has to be one of the major focal points of public health in the future.

George Ferguson, Elected Mayor of Bristol

I’m very serious about the importance of food - for the local economy as much as for health. Local food is part of local culture.

Julie Brown, Growing Communities, Hackney, London

Small farmers are the basis for the kind of food system we need… It’s not frivolous or niche, it’s actually fundamental to our achieving a sustainable food system in the future.

Guy Watson, Riverford Organic Farms

I want everyone to be able to eat the sort of food that my mother cooked when I was a child – I want to share that with as many people as possible.

The film is made by f3 in association with Sprout Films.

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